Application Modernization

With our Application Modernization Services, MK2 Cloudlabs delivers strong domain insight to designing and delivering solutions. We can help recognize and fix issues like significant IT investments and business expenditures, poor program implementation and maintenance, inadequate features, and thus the absence of interfaces inside traditional apps. We adopt a virtualized system based on economic feasibility, using the latest technology and standards for improved performance, accessibility, and maintenance.

Our Capabilities

Modernize on-premises software

Improve the efficiency, accessibility, and sustainability of apps by using modern technologies and packages.

Reverse Engineering

Methods for extracting business rules from old code and turning them to requirements in a structured manner.

Update Applications hosted on Azure

Use of the latest available Azure services and recommended architecture and security standards to revamp Azure-hosted apps.

Benefits of mk2Cloudlabs application modernization services

Flexible in terms of adding new features and services.
Aids in increasing employee productivity.
Removes technical debt.
Build the customer experience.
Enhancement of security.
Advancement of security.

Why MK2CloudLabs

MK2 Cloudlabs is a preferred provider in generating stability through cloud and Intelligence technology trends. Because of our competence and scale, we are in a rare position to accelerate programs and scale up and down expenditure.

DNA of a product

Our design and engineering DNA results in organizational transition that is both resistant and outlay. To deliver value and acquire a strategic advantage, we design industry- and client products.

The distribution that is both scalable and global

We can scale up or down your venture or deployment depending on your business's requirements while offering 24x7 care from a highly dispersed Institute.

One scheme relies on a foundation

MK2CloudLabs has built in-house frameworks and platforms to construct cloud-based data, analytics, and AI solutions that are cost-effective, scalable, and secure.

Methodology Fast Track to Value

We provide a Centre of Excellence to promote innovation with our innovative FastTrack Value strategy and configurable engagement methods.

Values-based commitment

In order to build and promote info creativity, we are dedicated to our values. Our interactions with our workers, partners, and customers are defined by APPTQIF.