Data Engineering

Build data models for effective data analysis with our extensive data engineering skills to empower your organization. We deliver deep domain experience to help you construct data models for successful data analysis, as well as the flexibility to use infrastructure for pace and creativity. We embrace the benefits of leveraging data to achieve business outcomes through real-time insights and take a comprehensive approach to enable our customers through their corporate data transformation journey.

Our Skills and Talents

Ensure the quality and integrity of organizational data, remove inefficiencies, and allow the use of a unified data management plan.

Data accuracy and data management

Management of master data
Details about the data context
Constantly improving data integrity
Repository of records

Data processing in the enterprise

Enterprise Data Warehouse and Operational Data Store (ODS) are two types of data warehouses.
Instructional (data manipulation
Models for business data
Incorporating data marts
Data warehouse and centralized data lake
To satisfy data science objectives, a scalable data lake is required

Integration and data migration

Access to one of the most common data portals and providers
Migration of data from on-premises to the cloud

MK2CloudLabs Data Engineering Services Benefits:

spotting potential new business ventures

predictors are one of the most powerful parts of machine learning

Allowing for smarter judgments. Knowledge is the key to success

Predicting the user story to improve user experience

Verifying decision findings

Migrating to the cloud without a hitch