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MK2CloudLabs Return To Work

Businesses all over the world are grappling with how to ensure that employees can return to work safely amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Low-code applications, automation, and AI are being used by innovators and adapters to not only reopen workspaces safely but also to adapt for a reinvented and more resilient workplace of the future.

We help your organization transform with resilience by developing apps at breakneck speed, democratizing data, and incorporating AI into your operations. You’ll not only ensure your employees’ safe return to work, but you’ll also design a workplace for the future.

The Return to Work solution includes the following features:

Preparedness of the location
Management of the workplace
Management of employee safety
Employee performance and engagement are both important factors
For whom are our Return to Work solutions designed?
Human Resource Management
Information and Communication Technology

Cloud Engineering

To battle a lack of technical expertise in product engineering, technology-disruptive competition, and tight deadlines, we’re passionate about helping you design viable, scalable, and high-performance solutions. We offer technical skills in product design, testing, and deployment to our Product Engineering services, ensuring that your particular requirements are met within the timeframe you choose. Designing cloud applications has the potential to transform your company. Learn how we created a cloud-based deal management system for a worldwide tech firm.

Data Modernization

We help businesses handle large volumes of structured and unstructured data and reduce time-to-insight with our Data Modernization service. We can help you create and implement a phased cloud migration strategy to optimize your apps for the cloud, as well as use data visualizations and soul BI to make smarter decisions and drive rapid expansion. You have a proven track record in data engineering and cloud technologies, as well as a variety of interactive approaches to help you accelerate innovation. MK2CloudLabs is ideally positioned to assist your firm in achieving business goals and growth through data modernization and democratization.

The Modernization Solutions:

Migrate to data lakes or enterprise data warehouses
Workload migration in the warehouse
Advanced analytics services based on data stored within the database
Big data warehousing, Both on-premises and on the cloud is a viable option
Master data management for increased data quality: correction, standardization, and de-duplication
A comprehensive approach to data governance

Salient Features:

Because of old systems, there are technology and data silo
Inaccuracy and duplication of data
Data volume and variety are increasing
Tech breakthroughs are being adopted slowly

App Modernization

With our Application Modernization Services, MK2CloudLabs delivers deep domain experience to creating and delivering apps. We can assist you in identifying and resolving issues including excessive IT investment and operational expenses, poor app performance and security, limited functionalities, and the lack of connectors inside legacy apps. We employ a cloud-based strategy based on the viability of the project, using the newest technology and frameworks for increased performance, scalability, and maintenance.

Conformity and Protection

The MK2CloudLabs Safety and Compliance solution is our next-generation, industry-recognized product that is enabling key reforms across a wide range of industries. For transportation, manufacturing, utilities, and architectural, engineering, and construction industries, it’s driving cutting-edge approaches and assuring safety through demanding operational testing. Increased predictive analytics, cloud technology, complex algorithm-driven methodologies, and advanced mobile accessibility are all used to get you there. With a seamless user experience on mobile devices, the solution has been shown to enhance labor productivity by over 30%.

Business Challenges In The ways of Prosperity Solutions

For retrieval and audits, there is a lack of well-organized record keeping
Test planning and execution are difficult to coordinate across geographies
Paper-based tests, assessments, and submissions are time-consuming
Having trouble establishing the amount of compliance or identifying breaches

Our Core Safety Measures:

Real-time reporting and pre-populated rule libraries
Creating a test strategy in a timely and repeatable manner
Drug and alcohol testing before and after employment and after an accident
Real-time metrics tracking with dynamic dashboards
Major incident notifications and warnings
Business system integrations, such as LMS, ERP, and HRMS

Featured Benefits:

Manual testing and compliance recordkeeping are no longer necessary
Increased adherence to safety regulations and fewer infractions
Comply with the drug and alcohol regulations of the DOT, FMCSA, PUC, TLC, and FAA
Minimize the expense of learning as well as the time spent analyzing it
Machine learning-powered suggestions result in stronger safety culture